About Farashenasa

Our artificial intelligence team is ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Farashenasa is a remote authentication platform that performs verification using the artificial intelligence services of Part Financial Information Processing Company (Sahab) and the powerful hardware infrastructure of the company's cloud intelligent network (Shahab). "Farashenasa" determines a user's identity with an accuracy of over 95% by testing the user's Identity, Liveness and Awareness via sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms.

There are 3 reasons why

We are the largest remote authentication platform in Iran

Part Financial Data Processing Company has brought over 700 researchers, innovators, and creatives together to realize our slogan across Iran and the Middle East: Smarten your life.


Shahab (Cloud Intelligent Network)

Shahab, as the first and largest provider of artificial intelligence cloud networks in the country, seeks to provide this new technology to a wide range of businesses, developers and artificial intelligence professionals with the hopes of realizing countless AI-related ideas.


Sahab (Intelligent Cloud Services)

Sahab, with the largest Marketplace of artificial intelligence services in the country, introduces safe and fast markets for businesses, startups and programmers, allowing them to focus on what’s really important- improving their products and services.

Getting to know the Farashenasa platform

 Authentication is one of the biggest concerns of every office, organization and business considering development and growth. By bringing together experts in the fields of finance and software, the Signal group has launched a powerful farashenasa system and provided an unparalleled service in authenticating individuals. Farashenasa is one of the few efficient and secure Iranian platforms that provide client information directly to organizations and employers. With Farashenasa, you no longer need to be physically present in offices, buildings or meetings in order to be verified.

Farashenasa is the result of the blood sweat and tears of a dedicated team who worked day and night to create something no one had ever done on such a scale. Farashenasa provides a secure platform for business owners and their clients to exchange and transfer information.


Today, thanks to Farashenasa, this new and cost-effective technology will enable every company and institution to authenticate its customers and clients virtually and online, without the slightest disruption. By offering a remote authentication service, Farashenasa has been able to speed up the often tedious, time consuming  process of authentication and as a result, increased participation. By using Farashenasa, your company can save money as well as save the time of the company and your clients.

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